Sugar. Mini’s
$16.50/dozen (Minimum 2 dozen)

Regular Cupcakes

  • The Bride Wore Vanilla

    This is anything but boring! Vanilla bean cupcake with Vanilla sugar icing. Pure-ly delicious!

  • Shaken Not Stirred Chocolate Martini

    Who doesn’t like a good chocolate martini! Now you can have it minus the headache! Rich dark chocolate cupcake with hints of cream liqueur. Topped with a milk chocolate icing. Need I say more?

  • Gone With The Red Velvet

    These babies go back to their southern roots! Rich, opulent red velvet cake laced with luxurious chunks of gourmet chocolate. Like a good southern belle, the icing has a sinful secret…

  • Cocoa With A Kick

    Looking to spice up your day? This Mexican chocolate dream should do the trick! Rich chocolate cupcake with a little cayenne kick! Topped with a swirl of chocolate icing and chocolate curls. Just what you need to beat a a case of the Monday’s!

  • Bring on the Bubbly

    Those special moments create a dilema: Go for the sweets or toast with a cocktail? Sugar. has taken the guesswork out of the problem by combining the two! We start with a rich vanilla cupcake and spike it with champagne. Bring on the celebration!

  • Where’s the Beach Margarita

    This lime-tastic creation will make you feel like you are on vacation! Light vanilla-lime cupcake infused with tequila. Finished with a cloud of lime frosting complete with a salted rim!